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Ian’s Story

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There is no hiding Ian’s feelings about the Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) at Ontario Shores.

“This program was my last hope,” he says.

Diagnosed in 2005 with depression, Ian had actually been experiencing symptoms much earlier in life. When asked if he knew this he says “looking back, I see it.  But back then, no.”

Ian’s story is becoming all too familiar.  In his pre-teen years, he was a victim of sexual abuse within his own family and was regularly exposed to excessive alcohol use in the house. By age 21, Ian felt that he was becoming an alcoholic, following in his parent’s footsteps.

Feeling unhappy and not in control of his own life, Ian made the decision to leave the United Kingdom for Canada in 1971.

Ian married and two children followed. Usually considered joyous moments in life, but Ian didn’t see it that way. He says he was emotionally flat and wanted to know “What is wrong with me?”

In 2005 Ian was in a dark place.  Once again out of work, feelings of loss and worthlessness plagued Ian’s thoughts.  The diagnosis of depression at least provided some explanation for his feelings, but did little else.  Dissatisfied with his experience, Ian felt there was no support and the medications that had been prescribed were not having much effect.

The darkest time for Ian came in 2008 when he attempted suicide.  Ian thought it would be best for his family if he was dead.  Somewhere inside though, there must have still been a glimmer of hope, because he reached out for help and survived the attempt.

The years that followed including many treatments, but it wasn’t until Ian participated in the 12-week program when things turned for him.

He says he was treated as an individual with his own specific needs and the fact that counselors were available Monday through Friday during the hours the program ran was very valuable.

Ian had found the help he needed.  It was a long time coming, but the effects have been long lasting.

When he’s not advocating, you will find him on the golf course once a week enjoying his ability just to be himself.


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