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Matthew’s Story

Matthew_FPRU Patient-2297Matthew is a bright, intelligent and charming man.

For him, it is family that seemingly matters the most and all those he has met become an extended part of his family.  He feels a sense of responsibility to help them in any way he can.

Having being diagnosed as living with schizophrenia and schizoaffective disorder, Matthew shares his story of recovery and rehabilitation in hopes of inspiring others.

“The team at Ontario Shores genuinely seems to care about what you are going through and your recovery journey,” shares Matthew.

The journey began when Matthew, who grew up in Britain, moved to Canada to start a new life with his wife and young daughter.  He had been raised in a family who strongly believed in education.  His mother is a geriatric nurse and his father a lecturer.

Shortly after settling in Canada, Matthew started to see the symptoms of his mental illness such as hearing voices, being delusional and having false beliefs.

“Being (at Ontario Shores) has helped me to be well,” Matthew acknowledges.  He adds “My doctors were able to get my medication right from early on and that has done wonders for me.  I am a full advocate of mental health psychiatric drugs.”

His life at Ontario Shores has put him in the centre of a large family.

“I see here as being one big family, with everyone being my brother and sister.  I am happy to share any insight with others onthe importance of family, my values, my culture or my illness,” says Matthew.

Seeing this journey as continuous and ongoing, Matthew is very involved in his plan of care and believes in working together with the team of professionals, trusting them to do their jobs.

“Getting well is a team effort.”

Matthew’s journey shows that mental illness is only one part of his life and he is really hopeful for the future.

“When you have a mental illness, it may seem like doom and gloom and it always seem like a long journey ahead of you, but this journeycan be fruitful and have positive outcomes.”


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