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Meet Utaya.

He’s successful rebuilding his life, while an outpatient at Ontario Shores.

Once an inpatient, Utaya was diagnosed with Schizophrenia more than a decade ago.

Since then, he’s learned about his mental illness and has been successfully managing it.

After connecting with Vocational Services at Ontario Shores and his stay as an inpatient, he’s since moved back into the community, gone to school, bought a car, building relationships with supportive friends and family and he’s been happily working at a restaurant.

~Utaya | “I’m very focused and independent”

We have Rhonda.

As a mother, Rhonda had been going through a difficult time trying to understand and handle her daughter’s illnesses.

On top of that, her daughter’s life was very out of control: drugs and alcohol, no interest in working, pursuing education or being a part of family activities. There was also the birth of her grandson.

Unable to handle the chaos at home, Rhonda found a clipping about The Family Resource Centre at Ontario Shores. Through their help, Rhonda and her husband were provided with support, guidance and information on how to help a loved one afflicted with severe mental illness. They also connected with other families for support and encouragement. She learned they weren’t alone, it wasn’t their fault, and found the right tools and skills to be strong for their daughter.

Rhonda feels more comfortable and happier knowing that she now has the supports available to her at the Family Resource Centre to help her family and her daughter’s recovery journey.

She even became a volunteer at the Family Resource Centre, determined to help other families who are beginning the journey of mental health with their loved one.

~Rhonda | ‘I didn’t know what to do, for her, for the baby, nor for the rest of my family’

If you were to meet Jessica today, she’s confident and positive about where she is in life.

It took years of hard work and the right place to bring her to this point in her recovery journey.

In her adolescent and early adult years, Jessica felt confused and lonely as she dealt with mental illness. She made poor decisions, resulting in her being in an abusive relationship, being in debt, struggling with addictions and her relationship with her mother was strained.

At 27, things started to change when she got to Ontario Shores. She was diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder. Two years later, she’s learned how to manage her mental illness and looks forward to the future. Group therapy stood out to her. Jessica felt they understood her like no one else.

She’s also rebuilding her relationship with her mother, who has a better understanding of mental illness.

Jessica feels more in control of her life and that she can be successful.

~Jessica | ‘I Now Feel Like I Can Be Successful in Life’

“It changed my life and it changed my son’s life.” Rima tells the story of her son Shadi’s time as an inpatient at Ontario Shores.

It began with a severe intracranial hemorrhage caused by an aneurism at age 11. He eventually recovered, but acquired a brain injury. My son struggled with the way his life had changed, he was devastated.

It was hard for me, as I watched him struggling to fit in. He had paranoia, delusions, anxiety and violent outbursts – causing distress to the people around him.

Hesistant about sending him to Ontario Shores, I now know it was the right way to go, having seen the positive change in him after just two months of admission.

We were also very happy with the way his team cared for him.  They showed real feelings and I trusted them completely with his care and we began to see signs of our son as he was prior to his illness.

We want other families to learn from our experience and to know that they can find the best help they need here. Shadi is now doing very well and has been living out of the hospital for a while.

We truly feel that the worst is over and we are happy with Shadi’s progress.  This is not just something we read about or heard about it, it is something we went through, it is something that we lived and we didn’t disintegrate thanks to the help from the team at Ontario Shores.

~Shadi | 'We Want Other Families to Learn From Our Experiences'


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