Mental illness didn't stop Crysten. Help others in need.

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Why We Need You

Society’s awareness of mental health issues and the devastating impact of mental illness have never been higher.

Each day, the grip stigma once had is loosening.

People are reaching out. They want help. They need help.

As a charitable cause, mental health is struggling to stay in the race.

An entire generation is growing up before our eyes without stigma or fear of disclosing a mental health challenge. And, that is a tremendous success for everyone who has dedicated their lives to creating conversations and rewriting the narrative of mental illness.

However, this change in perception and acceptance of mental health as an equal to physical health requires resources to provide the best possible care to people at every stage in life.

The Give For Tomorrow campaign needs you.

It needs your support to ensure Ontario Shores can be there for every generation.

Treatment for mental illness works. Recovery is possible.

We need your help to create capacity in the mental health system so people can access the help they need, when they need it.


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